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Frequently Asked questions

The Athletic Body - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i add The Athletic Body to my weekly workout routine?

TAB is a lifestyle fitness center. Adding these workouts to their weekly routine would be optimal for the client’s transformations. Utilizing science, the team at TAB has purposely formulated the workout splits to get clients the total weekly volume needed to increase your muscle mass. Frequency and volume are key to body recomposition, which is why we require most clients to show-up 4x weekly.

Is The Athletic Body a replacement for other workout methods? Or can i use it in tandem with other fitness methods?

The Athletic Body is a replacement for all workouts. Sometimes more is not better and without recovery, you risk injury. There are workouts that the coaches at TAB will promote to complement TAB’s workouts, but recovery is key for muscle growth. Our team of strength coaches range from the champions at the high School level, the collegiate level, and professional. We do not recommend or encourage two strength and conditioning because it would be too disruptive to the recovery process.

Do you offer any free trials? How can i get started

First 2 classes are completely free! We have several options for classes. We have an 8 WEEK CHALLENGE that is perfect for new members. We also offer multiple different class packages, corporate package and private training. You are welcome to drop in for free to get started.

How long are the classes duration?

The doors open 15 minutes before class (to foam roll, get situated, and ready for TRX stretch). TRX starts at a designated time and goes for an hour (typically workout 45 minutes and 10-15 minutes to stretch again)


Yes, we offer all three.  Our Strength and Conditioning Classes are designed to accommodate different lifestyles and body types.  Our 1-on-1 and Semi Private Training are specifically customized to your individual needs.

What do I need to bring to class?

Bring your positive energy and a good pair of shoes. Water is always FREE to keep you hydrated during class. We also have a variety of energy drinks that can be purchased before and after class.

What equipment/workouts are included with your class packs?

Each person has their own personal sanitized space within their weight rack, several different sizes and types of resistance bands, dumbbells, Bosu ball, weight bench, aerobic bench, TRX, Rogue Bikes, yoga mat, blocks, ladders, sticks, octagon, brace bands for above knees, little hurdles. Not every piece of equipment will be used in every workout. Each workout is unique to keep your body guessing therefore the equipment will be compatible to the workout as well.

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The Athletic Body, located in Beverly Hills, is a Fitness Training Center for men and women with body goals. The programs are developed by a team of Certified Strength and Conditioning Couches to transform bodies through functional Strength and Conditioning workouts and SCIENCE. The goal (PURPOSE) at our facility is to increase LEAN MUSCLE and decrease BODY FAT while focusing on better posture, mobility, balance, and overall strength.As a TRANSFORMATION Center, we provide our challengers with their own Dietary Accountability Coach who will work with you to create your own personalized nutrition plan.

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998 S. Robertson Blvd #203, Beverly Hills, CA

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