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The Athletic Body is a replacement for all workouts. Sometimes more is not better and without recovery, you risk injury. There are workouts that the coaches at TAB will promote to complement TAB’s workouts, but recovery is key for muscle growth. Our team of strength coaches range from the champions at the High School level, the collegiate level, and professional.

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What differentiates TAB from other group fitness facilities is the customer/client service and services that we offer as well as the individual attention to form. Our strength and conditioning coaches understand the phases and progressions of training, allowing them to tailor and modify the workouts for each client to perform correctly. We provide a safe and injury free environment, so resistance progressions are based off of properly performing exercises correctly and bi-weekly summations of frequency and volume. The PURPOSE at TAB is Body Recomposition, losing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass through progressive overload in our fitness center. Clients are also paired with a nutrition accountability coach to monitor macro-nutrition, monitor caloric output during exercise and routine 3D body composition analysis.

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 The Athletic Body Core Values


We created a workout that uses athletic-based training exercises that simultaneously uses multiple muscles and joints to improve muscular endurance, overall strength, coordination, balance, posture and agility to get a challenging, effective and full-body workout as well as prepare the body for every day, real world activities.

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Our trainers are certified and ready to provide you with the best possible effective workout experience.


Our workouts are packed and precisely operated by the latest technology systems that we have in place in all of our studios. Our MyZone effort monitors worn are displayed on the tvs around the studio. We also have a Fit3D body scanner which does a full body assessment, including 3D avatar, circumference measurements, body composition, posture analytics, weight, balance, and more.

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Become more flexible with affordable training plans and reach your fitness goals. The Athletic Body workouts change daily, working on your postural corrective exercises for those of you that sit or drive for a living to help correct those rounded shoulders, tight hips and help relieve some pressure in your upper and lower back. It’s intense, it’s fun and it gets the job done. Be ready to work hard and jam.

What our beloved clients say

The Athletic Body Testimonials

“The Athletic Body is by far my favorite gym”

As a seasoned gym connoisseur and an avid group fitness fanatic, I have to say The Athletic Body is by far my favorite gym in Beverly Hills. With so many gyms to choose from, this city is a fitness Mecca. But, finding the right gym here can be a daunting challenge. I’ve often felt like Goldie Locks, trying gym after gym in search of just the right fit. Until I discovered The Athletic Body, that is.

Jaceene M
The athletic body member

“so fun that it leaves you coming back for more”

I started the eight-week challenge around the end of April and completed it in June 2022. I have lost some weight and a couple of inches off my waist and definitely feel really great about myself. Each class 100% kicks your butt but they’re so fun that it leaves you coming back for more.

Sarah J
the athletic body member

“safe, fun, and shows real results”

After each and every workout, I feel better about myself and know that I am heading in the right direction regarding my health. This has been one of the only gyms where it feels safe, fun, and shows real results. If you are thinking about making a change in your life, I would highly recommend coming to The Athletic Body.

the athletic body member

“stronger than ever and having the happiest brighter days ever”

Before The Athletic Body I was unmotivated, low energy, low self esteem and feeling in a dark place with myself. Since The Athletic Body not only am I getting amazing results while reaching my personal health and fitness goals. I’m smiling a hundred thousand times more, building my confidence back, motivating others, stronger than ever and having the happiest brighter days ever! The Athletic Body has been nothing but amazing to me and I’m proud to be apart of a brand that wants to help people like me strive in health, fitness and personal goals!

Nakesha H
the athletic body member

"Life changing!"

Life changing! The Athletic Body has changed my relationship with my body and shown me what true fitness can feel like. Their methods encompass physical strength, flexibility, and nutrition, leaving you feeling stronger than ever. On top of being a fantastic workout, the team at TAB is creating a community that makes me look forward to waking up early to go workout! Whether new to your fitness journey or a seasoned pro, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Adriana r
the athletic body member

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The Athletic Body, located in Beverly Hills, is a Fitness Training Center for men and women with body goals. The programs are developed by a team of Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches to transform bodies through functional Strength and Conditioning workouts and SCIENCE. The goal (PURPOSE) at our facility is to increase LEAN MUSCLE and decrease BODY FAT while focusing on better posture, mobility, balance, and overall strength.As a TRANSFORMATION Center, we provide our challengers with their own Dietary Accountability Coach who will work with you to create your own personalized nutrition plan.

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998 S. Robertson Blvd #203, Beverly Hills, CA